Core Values

Core Values

Core values are the deepest, most consistent, and passionate beliefs that drive us as a mission family. They form the "culture" of Biblical Ministries Worldwide (BMW). They identify what is most important to us. They dominate our decision making. They govern our priorities. They determine how we allocate the resources of personnel, time, technology, and capital.

We recognize that striving for these values is a journey, not a destination. Thus, we commit to continually improve the application of each of these core values in our ministries.

Biblical truth

We are committed to Scripture as our absolute authority

• We reaffirm semiannually our convictions expressed in the BMW doctrinal statement.

• We establish churches consistent with the doctrinal position of the mission.

• We apply truth in our relationships.

Local church

We are committed to working in and through the local church

• We affirm the centrality of the local church

• We recognize and honor the biblical responsibilities of sending churches

• We serve sending, supporting, and field churches

Primacy of relationships

We are committed to people before programs

• We believe a healthy relationship with God drives our relationships with others

• We seek to engage in active, daily evangelism through establishing redemptive relationships

• We value the priority of family relationships

• We refer to BMW as a family instead of an institution

• We function as teams, embracing interdependence and accountability

Pursuit of excellence

We are committed to quality

• We desire that everything we do represents Christ well

• We pursue excellence without excess or extravagance

• We recognize that excellence is relative to local culture

Servant leadership

We are committed to supporting those we lead

• We view servant leadership as an attitudinal reflection of the humility of Christ, while recognizing the importance of organizational structure

• We are devoted to an attitude of love and service instead of command and control

• We measure leadership by whether we produce successors; therefore, we are committed to reproducing servant leaders

Lifelong learning

We are committed to personal and corporate development

• We desire to be lifelong learners so that we can be innovative, creative, flexible, and effective without compromising biblical truth

• We desire a culture that learns from failure and is willing to experiment

• We actively pursue opportunities for self-improvement, personally and professionally